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Top Benefits And Uses Of Coconut Coir

Carpets, mats, brushes and charcoal can made by use of this coconut husk and some time these coconut husk are uses of coconut for crafting product by small and medium entrepreneur. Coconut husk for various commercial product and these husk got great commercial value...

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Coconut Fiber and it Uses in Modern Day

The scientific name of coconut trees in cocus nusifera and this tree fall under palm tree category. This is one of the most valuable trees by considering on commercial production. Coconut fiber is also known as coconut coir which is extracted from the husk of the...

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Villages Bustling Riverside Coconut Fiber Thom

Today, the river banks Thom not only manufacturing operations coconut fiber, but also develop some occupations such as peeled coconuts, coconut trading, cutting copra, coconut fiber spinning … Ben Tre people usually only for coir villages Thom river access, located in...

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