Vietnam Coconut Fiber Just another WordPress site Wed, 11 Jan 2017 08:38:14 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Top Benefits And Uses Of Coconut Coir Wed, 28 Dec 2016 06:35:22 +0000 Carpets, mats, brushes and charcoal can made by use of this coconut husk and some time these coconut husk are uses of coconut for crafting product by small and medium entrepreneur.

Coconut husk for various commercial product and these husk got great commercial value too. Coconut husk also use as a raw materials for various production and since it’s natural there are no such side effects. coconut coir got the capacity to clean recycle and this is 100% recyclable product. Most of coconut coir fiber is long 4 to 12 inches in long and they colored brown and white naturally. Normally the coconut which old more than 6 months harvested and this some times it can harvested even in one year for palm too. Brown coir can get from the matured coconut shell and white fiber taken from young shell.

Coir produced by use of coconut husk and this is also well-known as a natural fiber. Coir produced by handmade procedure from coconut husk and some times use machinery to produce coir from outer shell of coconut. After harvesting mature coconut and extract nut from coconut husk which is outer shell of coconut fruit. There are various grades of coconut choir available and it is better to consider the grade of husks before application. There are various types of coconut coir in the market such as: Brown fiber, White fiber, Bristle Coir, Buffering Coir

Coir widely use for various production and the main producer of coir are India and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is well popular to produced best coir in the world.this got best fertilizer in capacity and its also use for multi purpose applications. This coconut coir also known as ecofiber in Philippine. Coconut coir is another great product form this coconut tree and most of valuable products created by using this sub product of coconut tree.

Coir is widely used to produce rope and most of coir rope got greater strength. Coir is produce by domestic in coastal areas of Sri Lanka and India, but sometime coir production done in mass scale for export and use as raw material for creates the production. Most of coir production is environmental friend and they can easily recyclable.Coconut coir use for various types of production such as ropes filters in aquariums, floor carpets, brushes, bed matness and seat covers. Coconut coir serves better for aquarium filters and other filtering equipment. Apart from mentioned production coconut coir is also used for growing media for plants too.following are several product which create by uses of coconut coir.

Water holding capacity is very high for coir based medium than peat base medium for plant potting. Coir based medium also have lifespan of more than 4 years were parted based growing medium severs 2 years life span. But Coir got low nutrient compare to coconut husks.Coco based production like Coconut choir has a great history. History says that coconut choir use as ship ropes in 11th century. This coir was introduce to western world in 19th century and most of coconut coir based floor carpets introduced.

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Coconut Fiber and it Uses in Modern Day Wed, 28 Dec 2016 06:33:08 +0000 The scientific name of coconut trees in cocus nusifera and this tree fall under palm tree category.

This is one of the most valuable trees by considering on commercial production. Coconut fiber is also known as coconut coir which is extracted from the husk of the coconut. The coconut fiber is use for so many applications and following are some of the applications which used by the grade and different type of coconut fiber. In here coconut fiber divide in to three main group such as Coconut Bristle Fiber, Coconut Machine Twisted Fiber and Coconut Mattress Fiber.

Coconut Bristle fiber is long and highly strong fiber which is commonly used to create brush and brooms in manufacturing industry. Coconut Bristle fiber is a type of coconut fiber which also stiff, long and string. There are grading of this fibers and basic grade of this coconut bristle fiber is known as 1 Tie Fiber, 2 Tie Fiber and 3 Tie Fiber. According to purpose these coconut Bristle fiber get oiled or waxed sometimes its bleached or get dried in various colors also. Following are the main purposes of Where Bristle fibers are used.

Coconut Coir Twine Production

To Create Brushes

To Crate Tawashi

Potting Mixes

Can also use ad growing media for cultivation

Use to manufacture special industrial and domestic filers

Coconut Machine Twisted Fiber

Machine Twisted Fiber is another type of coconut fiber which commonly used in making seats of automobile industry. The shape of the machine twisted fiber provide spring effects so it’s widely use for automobile sheets. Machine Twisted fiber is created by use of different mixtures of other coconut fibers such as Bristle Fiber twisted, Omat fiber and Mattress fiber.

Coconut Mattress Fiber

Mattress Fibers is widely used to produce Spring Mattress and this type of coconut mattress fiber is also used for packing drainage filter and thermal insulation also.

So now you can understand the importance of this coconut tree and the application of coconut fiber in modern day applications . I have already published so many articles about the importance of coconut in various applications and products such as.

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Villages Bustling Riverside Coconut Fiber Thom Tue, 27 Dec 2016 06:10:08 +0000 Today, the river banks Thom not only manufacturing operations coconut fiber, but also develop some occupations such as peeled coconuts, coconut trading, cutting copra, coconut fiber spinning …

Ben Tre people usually only for coir villages Thom river access, located in An Thanh commune, Mo Cay Nam district, Ben Tre province as a floating market on the river by boat dock daily, full cargo export terminal coconut and coconut products. In particular, coconut market activity throughout the day and night, the air is always busy, busy.

Thom river called Mo Cay canal dug in 1905, is the hydraulic circulation route between the Ham Luong River and Co Chien River. In recent years the production facilities, services coir villages on the river just Thom operation not unlike coconut market trading session.

Coir profession only comes from An Khanh commune, then spread across the river – Khanh Thanh Tan (Mo Cay Bac District). Today, the river banks Thom not only manufacturing operations coconut fiber, but also develop some occupations such as peeled coconuts, coconut trading, cutting copra, coconut fiber spinning …

The people of the North Mo Cay district, Ben Trese coconut fiber.

Visit only coir villages, everyone for this is the floating market on the river by daily coconut, boats sweep against ships everywhere in the province and neighboring provinces such as Tien Giang, Tra Vinh and Vinh Long to purchase coconut transport to the village.

Just coir villages An Thanh Vinh Khanh hamlet focus, are formed from about 1980. “At that time there were only two establishments, so far the village has 43 establishments, 6 companies and enterprises specializing in production export coconut fiber, coconut fiber pressed bales, pressed coconut fiber acne …

Attracted more than 1,000 villages in the commune and labor neighboring communes as part of the coconut products such as coconut tight, dry coco peat, coconut peeling, … On average, each employee an income of 150,000 VND / day or more, “said Pham Van Minh, secretaries Vinh Khanh hamlet said.

Only exposure coir villages where people just coir An Thanh.

Ms. Nguyen Thi E, An Thanh commune work peeled coconut rice for 3 years at the facility she Five Yue share, every day she worked peeled coconut rice for about 4 hours, 200 kg peeled coconuts, income range VND 110,000 / day. These young people are doing more. If there are plenty of coconuts on doing every day, all week holiday on Sunday only.

In villages, women workers are generally responsible for drying only, grated coconut, and only meager exposure. Young people then peeled coconut duty, stevedoring and do more hard work. However, the peeled coconuts now no longer the work of men.

To villages, pilgrims will encounter images of female workers also participated coconut peeling and fast, no less professional brothers, uncles. The tool is a knife coconut peeling iron pillar erected on the firm. Each coconut is the nimble hands and skills needed to pry the knife and, shelling easily.

Purchasing coconut base and his peeled Vo Van Cu, An Thanh commune has 20 employees, which account for half of female workers. Looking at the pieces she Thoan cup coconut shell always thought that this work is easy, but “to do this job you have to take a long time just learned, new at hand pain, shoulder pain and soreness Quick peeling not be “- Pham Thi My Hanh (40) said.

After purchasing coconut on the hull separated for establishments selling coconut fiber, coconut seed (or call Ben Tre people including coconut, copra and coconut milk) is sold to the boatload to sell everywhere. At the riverside village Thom now has tens basis intestine buy coconut, coconut shell.

Every day, each about 10,000 base purchasing dried coconuts, the peak months (from October last year to April next year) each purchasing daily basis around 14000-15000 dry coconuts. Each day, each facility producing 4-5 tons of coconut fiber, the annual output of over 350 thousand tons of coconut fiber only. Coconut shell after being purchased for the crusher to get only.

Farmers diligently with coconut peeling vocational Thom river.

Only coir is used for many different tasks but mainly to the only car to weave. 1-2 base also had a coconut shell crusher, usually operating at night because then the strong electricity prices low. 4-5 units per dry coconut shell raw materials to produce 1 kg of coir fiber products. On average, each month, each production base coir only people buying hundreds of thousands of coconut shell material.

5-7 years, coir carpet goods development, has been exported to a sonuoc, whereby villages and Khanh Thanh Tan Thanh An extra flourishes. It is through this village lives of the people in the village also better off.

Luong Thi Ngoc Chien, Vice Chairman An Thanh commune to share: The good news is that since the production base coir fiber, coconut peeled Thom waterfront in operation, people here are excited because villages generate significant income for households and improve the living conditions for the people, contributing to poverty reduction and accelerate the process of restructuring of the local economy in a positive direction

In 2008, the Association of Vietnam village was awarded the title of typical village for only two villages producing coir An Thanh (Mo Cay Nam) and Khanh Thanh Tan (Mo Cay Bac) Ben Tre.

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